I haven't always had the mindset that I do now, or have seen myself through my current loving perception, or have had the lower number that's now on the scale (even though, quite frankly, I don't even own a scale, and I don't believe our weight is what is important at all). My way of living used to be glued to my bed, wondering why my past was the way it was, and then emotionally eating, not caring that my body was attacking itself with an autoimmune disease. I didn't understand why my life was like this, or why I was like this. I hated what I saw in the mirror. I argued with the voice in my head every waking moment. I wasn't living. I was a prisoner and victim to the cage in which I kept myself captive in.

My life didn't start to change until I made the conscious effort to do so. I worked with coaches, had a community behind me, and started to understand that loving myself was a choice. To wake up in the morning, choose myself, and take the steps to fuel and treat my body like it's the only home I'll ever live in. I started to understand that health and fitness aren't just about doing the exercises or eating the right macronutrients. They're about creating a relationship with myself based on love and respect. I believe we are a soul and mind living in this "meat suit," so we better not butcher it.

My passion and mission in this life is to show people that they can create the same freedom. You can create a reality where no matter what, you choose love on the hardest days, and forgive yourself on the days when it's harder. It's possible to get out of your head and running in nature. That you can let go of the pain from those who have hurt you, and move towards a path that's perfect for you. You can see that you are whole, perfect, and complete. It's possible to hit your fitness goals, and life goals-- and I'm here to coach you along the way.

I am an ICF Certified Life Coach and attended the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching. I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and ACE Certified Health Coach, and have an ACE Certificate as a Behavior Change Specialist. I have worked under mindfulness experts who have lead retreats for the House of Representatives, and am certified through UPEACE (part of the United Nations Assembly) as a Mindfulness & Wellbeing Strategist.


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