A Group Coaching Program

Have you always wanted to get into personal development work, and didn't know where to start? Have you read some blogs or posts, and had no accountability or community to practice the tools with? Do you always start New Years Resolutions regarding reading or working on yourself, and have a hard time following through? Do you love book clubs and want to join one that challenges you (and might change your life)?

Just in time the new year, I am launching a four month long personal development book club and coaching program!

Here is how it will work:

-We will have an online group coaching session (on Zoom) at the beginning of every month, where we introduce the book of the month and have an intro class to it.

-We will have individual coaching calls in the middle of each month to coach on the concepts of the book, and what is coming up for you.

-You will receive coaching work sheets every month to help you dig deeper into the lessons and messages.

-You will have access to a GroupMe where we can continue to have conversations and ask questions!

-You will receive your book of the month the week prior to the month beginning. I want you to be present with the book at hand, and not flash forwards!

My goal is to give a fun and tangible way to start the new year off on a positive note! Having a supportive coach and group to hold you accountable is a proven way to get things done and make progress. Come join me in creating a year full of positivity, results, awareness, and joy.

The first round will begin March 6th, 2020.


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