My passion is for you to understand that you matter, and that you have the power to transform how you live and see yourself. That you can create a life that feels fulfilling, authentic, and free-- all while truly and deeply loving yourself in the process.

Human beings are creatures of habit and repetition. With my extensive background in behavior change and transformation, I feel called to coach people on how to redesign their habits so they serve them. It is so beyond possible to re-wire how we work.

You deserve to wake up every morning with authentic and unconditional love for yourself, while having your actions aligned with your goals and dreams. You deserve to have control over your life and take your power back.

My coaching program consists of weekly calls, with an initial 90-minute deep dive call where we get clear on your core desired feelings and goals. We will set 30, 60, 90, and 180 day benchmark goals (for those who do one month, it will be 30 day goals, and three months will go up to 90 day goals). From this call, I will be creating weekly worksheets for you to use to assist you along the way! The idea is to create accountability, connection to your deepest desires, and a no bullshit approach. 

1 Month Foundation

Once a week (1 hour) for a month, we will start a road map to take you where you want to go. We will get clear on your values, goals, and self-limiting beliefs, current behavior patterns, and begin to reframe your relationship with yourself and/or your health. We will be creating and reaching your 30 day goals. (4 sessions)

3 Month Exploration

Once a week (1 hour) for three months, we will dive into your life and explore the realms of possibility. What shifts can we make? How can we view things differently? How can we start healthier ways of being? What is getting in the way? What does love for yourself look like? We will be creating and reaching your 90 day goals. (12 sessions)

6 Month Journey

Once a week (1 hour) for six months, we will work together on your goals and your relationship with yourself and your life. It takes six months to go into maintenance of behavior change, so this is my suggestion for anyone looking for a long-lasting shift. We will be creating and reaching your 180 day goals. (24 sessions)


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