Transforming the way you see, treat, and love yourself

My passion is for you to understand that you matter, and that you have the power to transform how you live and see yourself. That you can create a life that feels fulfilling, authentic, and free-- all while truly and deeply loving yourself in the process.

Human beings are creatures of habit and repetition. With my extensive background in behavior change and transformation, I feel called to coach people on how to redesign their habits so they serve them. It is so beyond possible to re-wire how we work.

You deserve to wake up every morning with authentic and unconditional love for yourself, while having your actions aligned with your goals and dreams. You deserve to have control over your life and take your power back.


A loving approach to personal training that sticks

I found a home in my body through movement, and challenging myself with progress. I saw how exercise wasn't just about losing weight and gaining muscle. It was about taking my power back, being in charge of how I move and when, and being mindful about how I treated myself. 

I think having physical goals is great, I've had one million and one! And I work with my clients to connect to what is underneath those goals. Is it freedom? Love? Power? Confidence? 

With a speciality in behavior change, mindfulness, and self-love, I am beyond passionate about people exercising out of love for themselves. To create self-belief and daily moments to celebrate themselves for showing up.

We can absolutely get you to where you want to be-- and we will work together along the way to make sure the feelings of self-belief and love stick.

I start off my mindful training sessions with a grounding exercise to your bigger "why" for showing up. I have found that clients have a higher drive to go above and beyond when they are clear as to why this is so important to them. I end my sessions with acknowledgments and celebrations, to create a feeling of accomplishment and self-belief.


My signature program where we rewire the way you view fitness, health, and your body over the course of 90 days.

Imagine living a life where you weren't looking for meal plans, you're not calorie counting, and you weren't feeling hopeless as to which fad diet to try next.

Imagine living a life where you had freedom over your food choices, you fell in love with moving your body and exercising, and taking care of yourself felt like second nature.

I want this for you.

My Body Freedom Program includes:
🌿true commitment and alignment with weekly coaching
🌿access to my fitness app with your own login, where I can monitor your workouts and progressions 
🌿having your health goals happen without counting calories while giving you a healthier relationship with food
🌿a morning practice creation session, which will propel you into using your days in a productive, positive, and present way


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