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I found a home in my body through movement, and challenging myself with progress. I saw how exercise wasn't just about losing weight and gaining muscle. It was about taking my power back, being in charge of how I move and when, and being mindful about how I treated myself. 

I think having physical goals is great, I've had one million and one! And I work with my clients to connect to what is underneath those goals. Is it freedom? Love? Power? Confidence? 

With a speciality in behavior change, mindfulness, and self-love, I am beyond passionate about people exercising out of love for themselves. To create self-belief and daily moments to celebrate themselves for showing up.

We can absolutely get you to where you want to be-- and we will work together along the way to make sure the feelings of self-belief and love stick.

I start off my mindful training sessions with a grounding exercise to your bigger "why" for showing up. I have found that clients have a higher drive to go above and beyond when they are clear as to why this is so important to them. I end my sessions with acknowledgments and celebrations, to create a feeling of accomplishment and self-belief.